Russian culture and traditions

Throughout the day, you’ll visit new towns and cities and discover Russian culture, finding out many new things along the way. Meanwhile, a whole range of onboard activities will help you delve even deeper into the Russian soul.
Guests can look forward to:
  • Lectures on Russian history: join our tour leader on a fascinating journey through the highlights of Russian history, from Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great to the Soviet era and modern times.

  • Russian language lessons – what could be more interesting than coming back from a cruise armed with the most commonly used Russian phrases? You can do just that aboard the Moonlight Sonata and Swan Lake vessels;

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    Dance master classes, nesting doll painting, hands-on jewelry and soap making await you. You’ll be invited to visit the culinary workshop, where the head chef will teach you to make real Russian blini. Afterwards, taste your creations with an addition of sweet toppings or sour cream.


    Take your pick of a number of different immersive shows and performances. For example, experience a time-honored “Russian tea-drinking” accompanied by folk music and games. We’re convinced that our guests won’t soon forget the “Vodka-show,” during which they can try Russia’s most famed drink. Apart from this, the cruise program features live music shows, folk ensemble performances, and movie showings at our concert hall, which boasts a high-performance sound system. The ship can offer a library with a good selection of English-language fiction.


    With everything on offer, we’re certain that our guests will get to know Russia intimately and have a truly unforgettable vacation.

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