Onboard activities

A new experience every day

Two considerations are important for us in preparing a program of onboard activities:

There should be a wide range of things to do

They should cater both to those who spend their leisure time actively and those who would like to relax more quietly

From early morning to late evenings, guests will find something to their taste on board. Picture yourself on a cruise, what activities would you pick?

For those enjoying active leisure, the ship’s program features the following athletic events:

A daily morning exercise program for 10-15 minutes

Half-hour yoga, pilates or gymnastics

Dance masterclasses: the waltz, foxtrot, the quadrille, yablochko, salsa, bachata or merengue

Chess, backgammon or darts tournaments

When our ships make stops, we encourage our guests to play football, volleyball and badminton. All S-Cruises vessels offer complimentary balls, racquets and shuttlecocks.

All S-Cruises vessels are stocked with a great assortment of board games: Alias, Mafia, Monopoly, Saboteur, Tokyo Train, and others. The range of games available on each vessel can differ.

All S-Cruises vessels host music and poetry evenings during voyages lasting more than 7 days. Guests usually look forward to evenings of chamber music, lectures about musical instruments, and poetry readings.

Those who like crafts will be able to try their hand at making soap, dry perfume, plaster magnets, braided bracelets, macaroni pictures, unique t-shirts, coffee bean figures, and branded flags.

The entertainment program begins in the concert hall in the evenings and includes solo performances by our musicians – violinists, guitarists, saxophone players, vocalists and others. These performances typically last for 50-80 minutes.

In addition, larger S-Cruises vessels also offer:
Children’s playroom

A nanny and animator is on duty in the children’s playroom immediately after breakfast and throughout the evening entertainment program (except for during meals and stops). She keeps an eye on children and organizes quite games (drawing, puzzles, etc.)

Cover band

Live music is offered every evening on weekend cruises and every other day on long voyages

Wide-screen movie theater

On long voyages, guests can visit the movie theater and watch films on the big screen

Multi-format disco

A disco in headphones is a hilarious activity. Everyone is wearing headphones and listening to completely different music, which makes it a lot of fun

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