Onboard activities

A new experience every day

Two considerations are important for us in preparing a program of onboard activities:

  • There should be a wide range of things to do;
  • They should cater both to those who spend their leisure time actively and those who would like to relax more quietly.

Art master-classes

From early morning to late in the evening, guests are sure to find something to their taste on board. Picture yourself on a cruise. What activities would you pick?

For those enjoying active leisure, the ship’s program features the following athletic events:

  •  A daily morning exercise program for overall physical conditioning.10-15 min.
  • Half-hour yoga, pilates or joint gymnastics lessons on every cruise.
  • Dance master classes await you on all S-cruises ships. Our dancers will introduce you to eastern and classical dances (the waltz, foxtrot or padegras), world dance (the quadrille, yablochko, or jive), or latin dance (salsa, bachata or merengue).
  • For the more adventurous, voyages longer than 5 days offer chess, backgammon or darts tournaments.
  • Our younger travellers can take part in a series of competitions testing their dexterity, ingenuity, speed, accuracy and reaction time. Every winner will receive a commemorative prize from our company.

When our ships make landfall during the summer, we encourage our guests to play football, volleyball and badminton. All S-Cruises vessels offer complimentary balls, racquets and shuttlecocks.

Besides athletic programs, S-cruises vessels also offer educational and enrichment events: In voyages lasting 5 days or more, guests can take part in a wide range of trivia games with prizes. Topics include rivers, countries of the world, music, literature, theater, and space. You can also prove your mettle in games such as “What? Where? When?”, “Wheel of Fortune”, and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

All S-Cruises vessels are stocked with a great assortment of board games: Alias, Mafia, Monopoly, Saboteur, Tokyo Train, and others. The range of games available on each vessel can differ.


All S-Cruises vessels host music and poetry evenings during voyages lasting more than 7 days. Guests can look forward to evenings of chamber music, lectures about musical instruments, and poetry readings featuring performers and guests themselves..

День джаза.jpg

Those who like crafts will be able to try their hand at making soap, dry perfume, plaster magnets, braided bracelets, macaroni pictures, unique t-shirts, coffee bean figures, branded flags with their own acrylic paint pictures, bead crafts and others.


The entertainment program begins in the vessel’s concert hall in the evenings and includes solo performances by our musicians – violinists, guitarists, saxophone players, vocalists and others. These performances typically last 50-80 minutes. Fan favorites include the Rat Moons, a duet on electric guitar and saxophone, and violinist Galina Soykina. They have been with the company for many years and their performance always promise a full house.


In addition, larger S-Cruises vessels also offer:

  • A children’s playroom

A nanny and animator is on duty in the children’s playroom immediately after breakfast and through the conclusion of the evening entertainment program (except for during meals and stops). She keeps an eye on the children and leads quite games (drawing, puzzles, etc.).

Kids Club
  • A cover band

Dance to live music played by a rousing cover band. Live music is offered every evening on weekend cruises and every other day on voyages five our more days in duration.

  • A wide-screen movie theater

On voyages lasting 5 days or more, guests can visit the movie theater and watch films on the big screen and with quality sound.

  • A multi-format disco

A discotheque in headphones gives guests the options of choosing between three channels: Retro, Contemporary, and Slow Dance, and listening to the music they prefer. Offered at least once in each S-Cruises voyage.