Cruising Russia

How can you see the many facets of Russia all in one trip? How do you take the photo of the popular landmark, but also capture the unique shot that can’t be found online or in a travel guide? There’s only one answer - set sail on a river cruise. After all, rivers are the great arteries linking Russia’s largest and most historic cities.

Here are the key advantages of a river cruise:

  • A cruise ship travels up to 400 kilometers in one day, meaning that during your trip, you can watch forests turn to open fields and then green hills. When you come ashore during stops, you will be in the very places where Russian history was made.

  • In just one cruise, you will visit between 3 and 20 cities, depending on the duration of the voyage. It’s only a ship that can take you to the solitary islands of Karelia - Valaam and Kizhi, as well as to the Solovetsky Islands in the White Sea. No matter your itinerary, a kaleidoscope of memorable experiences and dozens of extraordinary photos are guaranteed.

  • A cruise ship is one of the most comfortable ways to travel. There’s no need to plan your journey around Russia or worry about accommodations or meals. Relax and let us take care of everything. Just imagine: modern and inviting cabins, restaurants with a varied selection of meals, bars and a special program of on-board entertainment. On shore, experienced guides are ready to provide tours in English.


Cruises allow you to venture into the very heart of Russia, with its traditions and rich culture. Russia's most important waterways: the Volga River, the famous Ladoga, Onega, and even Baikal lakes are waiting to be discovered!

River map
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  • Classic Volga
  • Golden Ring
  • Karelia and White Sea
  • Lower Volga & Don
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