Moscow to St. Petersburg, classic itinerary

Points on the route: Uglich, Yaroslavl, Goritsy, Kizhi Island, Mandrogui.

During this trip on a comfortable cruise ship you will see Russia’s two most famed cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. For several centuries both vied for the status of Russia’s capital, and now they draw tourists from all over the world.

This itinerary links two beautiful cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. You will spend several days in both of them and have the opportunity to see the most noteworthy landmarks and sights, including a modern new park near the Kremlin, the observation deck of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the stately Hermitage and the stations of Moscow’s subway system, which are like a museum in and of themselves.

A broad onboard tour program will provide an immersion into Russian culture.

Services in English/German/French/Italian/Spanish languages from onboard guides. Excursions included in the program are at no additional charge for mentioned languages.

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