Baikal lake "Heart of Siberia" cruises

Points on the route: Listvyanka, OgoyIsland, Khuzhir, Ushkan Islands, Chivyrkuy Gulf, Snake Bay, Khakusy, OlkhonIsland, Sandy Bay.

Lake Baikal is one of the world’s most enigmatic places. We invite you to discover its wonders on board the largest and most comfortable vessel sailing the lake.

You’ll spend a week traveling Baikal from south to north. You can delight in the beauty of the unspoiled taiga, see the far corners of this “Siberian sea”, and visit the places that local shamans consider holy. Look forward to taking a dip in the local hot springs and enjoying an authentic Russian banya experience on the shores of Baikal.

Planned itinerary
Day 1

A trip by bus from Irkutsk to Listvyanka with a stop and tour at the Taltsy Architectural and Ethnographic Museum. Boarding upon arrival in Listvyanka. Travelers will be greeted with a welcome cocktail.

Day 2

Our first stop on the lake is Ogoy Island. This is one of Baikal’s “places of power.” The island is crowned by the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment. Walking around this structure, you can cleanse yourself spiritually of all your worries, concerns and problems.

In the settlement of Khuzhir, travelers will visit the Shaman Rock - one of the nine shrines of Asia. The rock’s most revered cave is considered to be the home of Olkhon’s master spirit. The tour program includes a meeting with a shaman.

Day 3

In the early morning, those who are interested can visit the breeding grounds of the Baikal seals. This tour is not included in the standard program and should be paid separately. This day's itinerary also includes a visit to Chivirkuysky Bay and Zmeinaya Cove, some of the most interesting places in Zabaikalsky National Park. Here, guests will find sand beaches, islands, острова, majestic and picturesque capes, thermal springs, thickets of dwarf pine, and bird colonies. The bay's shores are very rugged and form a number of small coves that are well protected from winds. One of them is Zmeinaya Cove, which is famous for its springs that flow in several places on shore and under water. Here, the ship’s guests can take a walk along the shore and, if desired, take a dip in the healing springs.

Day 4

On this day the ship arrives in Khakusy - a picturesque area on the northeast coast of Baikal. There are two springs in the area with hot (+42 - +46 °С) and slightly mineralized water, which in terms of its composition is akin to the mineral springs of Pyatigorsk. A sandy path framed with dwarf pine and larch leads from the shore of Baikal to the springs. There is a hydropathic spa at the source.

Day 5

The cruise continues down the western shore of Olkhon Island, with an opportunity to go ashore at a scenic location on the island, depending on weather conditions.

Day 6

This day’s schedule calls for a visit to the Peschanaya Bay, with its landscaped beach area surrounded by cliffs and beautiful Siberian taiga. A stroll to Babushka Bay, one of the symbols of Baikal, can also be expected. It’s here that you’ll find Baikal’s famous stilt trees, the roots of which are exposed due to constant exposure to wind and water. This is followed by a tour of Obozreniye Rock, where you can enjoy a stunning view of the surroundings. The evening’s program includes a traditional Russian banya on the shores of Lake Baikal and a captain's dinner.

Day 7

The concluding day of the cruise. The ship will arrive in Listvyanka, with subsequent transfer to a hotel in Irkutsk or to the airport.

MAX CAPACITY 2 pax 2 pax 1 pax 2 pax 4 pax 3 pax 3 pax
21/06/21-27/06/21 1960 2094 2570 1950 2569 2624 2753
12/07/21-18/07/21 2055 2227 2732 2055 2732 2752 2907

Single occupancy in a Twin/Double cabin or Suite +100% supplement. Rates are quoted in EUR per person per cruise.

The cruise includes:
  • Transfer by bus from Irkutsk to Listvyanka and back;
  • Accommodation in the selected category of cabin;
  • Full board and a captain’s dinner;
  • Tours and tour guide services;
  • A meeting with a shaman and a visit to the banya.

  • The Empire vessel is Baikal’s largest cruise ship. Guests on board can expect:
  • Different categories of cabins with all amenities, from standard cabins to two-room suites of up to 35 square meters;
  • A restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, including dishes of Baikal cuisine. Weather permitting, tables can be set on the open deck;
  • A day cabin with bar which can host meetings or lectures or where guests can simply chat and relax; A sauna and pool for five at no additional charge;
  • Spacious open decks for admiring the beauty of Baikal.
  • An experienced team of S-Cruises managers will see to your comfort throughout the voyage.

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