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The S-cruise cruise company has established the expeditionary unit of the S-cruise Expedition. These are cruises on unusual rivers, lakes and seas of Russia and the world.

The first cruises of the S-cruise Expedition will take place in 2020 on Lake Baikal on the largest and most comfortable Baikal motor ship Imperia. Already now you can plan your unforgettable trip of the next year: cruise sales for 2020 are open!

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Discover one of the most popular tourist destinations in Russia as it was many centuries ago!

For you:
  • Baikal from south to north in a week;
  • The largest and most comfortable ship on Lake Baikal;
  • Wild taiga places with beautiful and almost untouched nature;
  • Not the most accessible reserved corners of the “Siberian Sea”;
  • Magical places of Baikal and the world of shamans;
  • Unique monuments of wooden architecture in the Taltsy open-air museum;
  • Russian bath on the shore of Lake Baikal and bathing in thermal springs;
  • The famous Baikal hospitality;
  • Lectures and talks about Baikal from an experienced Baikal guide;
  • Care and attention from the Directorate of the S-cruise Expedition cruise.
Rock Shamanka
Lake Baikal
Planned travel program:

Day 1
Bus transfer from Irkutsk to Listvyanka. On the way, stop at the Taltsy architectural and ethnographic museum, where an excursion will be organized. Upon arrival in Listvyanka, a boarding is organized. Guests on board are greeted with a welcome cocktail.

Day 2
First parking - Ogoy Island. This is one of the "places of power" of Baikal. At the top of the island, a Buddhist stupa called the Stupa of Enlightenment was erected. If you go around this stupa, you can be cleansed spiritually - from various experiences, worries and problems.

Then, in the village of Khuzhir, the ship's guests will visit the Shamanka rock - one of the nine shrines of Asia. The most revered cave in the rock of the cape, which is considered the habitat of the host spirit of Olkhon. The tour program includes a meeting with the shaman.

3rd day
From the very early morning, everyone can go to the rookery of Baikal seals. This tour is not included in the price and is paid extra.

Baikal seals
Snake Bay
Also on this day, a visit to the Chivyrkuy Bay, Zmeina Bay is planned. This is one of the most interesting places in the Transbaikal National Park. There are sandy beaches, islands, majestic and picturesque capes, thermal springs, cedar dwarf thickets, bird colonies. The shores of the bay are strongly indented and form a series of small and well-protected bays from winds. One of them is Zmeinaya Bay, which is famous for its springs that pour out in several places on land and under water. In the bay, guests of the ship will have a walk along the shore, and, if desired, swimming in the healing springs.

4th day
On this day, the ship will arrive in Khakusy - a picturesque area on the north-east coast of Lake Baikal. There are two springs in the locality with hot (+ 42 ... + 46 ° С) and weakly mineralized water, similar in composition to the mineral springs of Pyatigorsk. From the shore of Lake Baikal to the springs there is a sandy alley framed by cedar dwarf and larch. In the place where the springs came out, in a pine forest, a hydropathic center was built.

Day 5
Cruise along the east coast of Olkhon Island.  Landing in one of the picturesque places on the island of Olkhon, depending on weather conditions.

6th day
On this day, it is planned to visit Peschanaya Bay with a well-equipped beach area surrounded by cliffs and beautiful Siberian taiga. A walk to the Grandmother's Bay, one of the symbols of Lake Baikal, will also be organized. Famous stilted trees grow here, whose roots are exposed due to the constant influence of wind and water. Excursion to the cliff of the Observation, from where a stunning view of the surroundings opens.  In the evening program - a Russian bathhouse on the shore of Lake Baikal and a captain’s dinner.

Day 7
The final day of the cruise. Arrival in Listvyanka. Organization of transfer to Irkutsk, to a hotel or airport.

The cost of cruises includes:
  • bus transfer "Irkutsk - pos. Listvyanka - Irkutsk.".
  • accommodation in a cabin of the selected category;
  • full board meals and captain's dinner;
  • excursions and guide services;
  • meeting with the shaman and visiting the bath.
The ship "Empire" is the largest cruise ship on Lake Baikal.
At the service of travelers aboard the ship:
  • Cabins of various categories with all amenities, from standard cabins to two-room suites up to 35 square meters;
  • Restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, including Baikal dishes. In fine weather, tables can be served on the open deck;
  • Salon with a bar in which meetings and lectures are held and in which you can just chat and relax;
  • Sauna with pool for 5 people, free use;
  • Spacious open decks for admiring the beauties of Lake Baikal.
Luxury Cabin
Cafe on the deck
You can buy a Baikal cruise from the general sales partner - «Infoflot» Cruise Center.

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