• Your cruise ticket
  • For children – a birth certificate
  • For adults – a passport
  • Accommodation in your selected cabin
  • 3-time restaurant meals daily
  • Onboard entertainment programs for children and adults
  • Tour services

A ship’s doctor is on board for every cruise, and first aid is provided free of charge. We advise that passengers preparing for their trip pack medicines most effective for them, such as headache and cold medicine, as well as bandages or adhesive plaster.

If you have a chronic medical condition requiring specific medication, be sure to take it with you.

There is no dress code aboard our vessels. However, should you want to take part in our morning exercise program, you might be more comfortable in some athletic wear, while going dancing might call for something a little more stylish.

We recommend packing comfortable footwear with non-skid soles for walking on deck and participating in our tours. Bringing a sweater or windbreaker is also advised - evenings in the fresh air can be brisk, even after a hot day.

If your cruise is more than 4 days in duration, you can plan some thematic attire for our theme dinners.

The captain’s dinner– in cruises of 4 days or more. The captain and cruise director join travelers for dinner and a glass of champagne, as the head chef prepared dishes from a special menu. Evening wear and a festive mood are encouraged.

Middle cruise dinner or pirate’s dinner – in cruises of 7 days or more. To be on the same wavelength with the crew on the night of the dinner, pack a sailor’s shirt (telnyashka) or buy one during the cruise.

Cruises depart from Moscow or St. Petersburg, with check-in and boarding beginning two hours before departure. Check-in takes no more than a few minutes, and requires your cruise ticket and the identity documents of all tourists traveling with you. After check-in, you will receive your cabin keys, restaurant table number and tour group number.

We recommend that you board the vessel no later than 20 minutes before departure. Travelers are fully responsible for arriving on time. Our cruises keep to a strict schedule, and late arrival or failure to arrive for boarding for any reason will lead to non-refundable cancellation of the cruise. If for some reason you are unable to board on time, contact your travel agency representative. In most cases, you may be able to catch up with the ship and board at a later point in the cruise.

The captain is the boss on the ship, so everyone who is on Board during the cruise turns to him. You can always direct your questions and comments to the cruise director’s office and reach the office by mobile phone when the vessel makes stops.

For the duration of the cruise, passengers must abide by internal regulations and safety rules and follow any instructions given by the ship’s crew or the cruise director’s office. Please maintain cleanliness on board the ship and in the cities that you visit along the way and be respectful of historical and cultural landmarks. Respect other passengers. Be especially mindful of rules of conduct relating to being near the water.

Smoking is permitted on board only in a designated location in the stern of the ship’s middle deck. It is strictly forbidden in other public spaces or in cabins.

S-Cruises ships offer a wide range of accommodations: standard cabins for between one and four guests, deluxe cabins, as well as Junior Suites and Suites, including ones with private balconies.

Regardless of category, all cabins boast the comforts of home: satellite TV, hairs dryers, refrigerators and electric outlets, as well as complimentary bottled water for every guest, handy cruise accessories, throw blankets for keeping warm on deck and much, much more.

There’s no need to pack towels or soap - you will find your cabin already stocked with both. Dispensers in the bathroom contain shower gel, shampoo and liquid soap.

Travelers staying in our deluxe cabins will also be pleased to find bath robes, slippers, sleep masks and shower gels, a coffee machine and mini-bar, as well as a complimentary welcome surprise.

A daily activity paper S-Cruises is delivered to all cabins every evening, containing the ship’s routine and tour schedule for the next day, as well as a weather forecast and other useful information. At your request, we’ll prepare the cabin for your night’s rest: closing the curtains, putting on the evening lighting and making the beds.

Please feel free to use the television, refrigerator and hair dryer in your cabin. You will also find 220V outlets available to conveniently charge your smartphone, camera or any other devices. An outlet is available in the bathroom for an electric razor.

Cabins are cleaned daily and bed linens and towels are changed according to established rules.

The ship’s cabins and public spaces are equipped with heating and air conditioning systems, which maintain comfortable temperatures in any weather.

An extra bed or a children’s crib can be set up in select cabins. Travelers should ask about this possibility when booking a cruise with their tour manager.

Upon boarding the ship, you will be given your table number. This is where you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the whole cruise. If you have special restaurant seating requests, you should notify the ship’s staff during check-in on the first day.

Constellation cruise ships offer three meals per day: a buffet-style breakfast and lunch and dinner from a prepared menu. Every evening you’ll have the opportunity to select your preferred dishes for the next day’s meal. You will have your pick of meat, fish, or vegetable dishes. At your request, we can offer a gluten-free or low-calorie menu.

A kid’s menu is available for our younger travellers.

Please feel free to take advantage of our in-cabin breakfast service. Later in the day, you can also have dishes from the bar brought to your room throughout the day. You can place an order by phone if your cabin is equipped with one, or simply leave it with the bar staff, who will then deliver the order to your cabin. Bar dishes are charged from a separate menu.


  • In-cabin breakfast
  • Bottled water in every cabin on departure day
  • Bottled water provided daily for Balcony Suites, Suites, Balcony Junior Suites, Junior Suites and Deluxe cabins
  • Throw blankets in the cabin for every passenger
  • An amenity kit with travel essentials: a makeup kit, nail file, sewing kit, comb, shoe horn and napkins
  • Turndown service
  • A daily activity paper with the schedule of onboard entertainment, tours, and meals
  • Luggage service to and from your cabin at the start and conclusion of the cruise


  • A complimentary drink upon boarding
  • Low-calorie or gluten-free dining upon request
  • You choice of a glass of wine, shot of vodka or glass of juice during dinner
  • Water, tea or coffee for each meal, as well as an additional pitcher of fruit drink for the table during lunch
  • A glass of sparkling wine during the welcome dinner and celebratory dinners
  • “Early bird” tea and coffee
  • Oxygen cocktails
  • Water cooler use


  • Wi-Fi in one of our bars
  • An ironing room
  • The medical station
  • The morning exercise program
  • A birthday surprise in the restaurant
  • Sports equipment rental
  • Shuffleboard equipment rental (the Dmitry Furmanov) and mini golf rental (the Moonlight Sonata)
  • Deck chairs on the boat or sun decks, depending on the class of vessel
  • The library
  • Exercise machines
  • Taxi hailing to the ship (taxi services paid separately)
  • Current newspapers/periodicals
  • Bar services
  • Mini-bar services in deluxe cabins
  • Unscheduled replacement of bed linens or towels
  • Laundry services
  • Souvenirs
  • Binoculars rental
  • Bicycle rental (the Moonlight Sonata, Swan Lake, Dmitry Furmanov and Northern Tale vessels)
  • Beach towels
  • Photo and video service
  • Sauna (the Moonlight Sonata, Swan Lake, and Dmitry Furmanov vessels)
  • When our ships make landfall in cities along the way, you can enjoy walking tours or bus tours delivered by guides who speak your language.

    Apart from the standard and alternative tours included in your cruise price, some cities offer tourists additional tours, which are paid for separately. Additional tours will go ahead if the minimal amount of attendees gathers. The minimal amount of tourists per groups is set individually by each museum.

    Additional tours can be bought online at a lower price than on board the ship, in which case travelers receive a 95% guarantee that a tour will take place regardless of the number of people wishing to take part.

    Additional tours can also be purchased from the cruise director during the trip.

    Information on the cruise schedule, itinerary, tour program, diagrams and descriptions of the ship’s layout and other useful information can be found on a stand in the vessel’s main hall. Via the radio relay system, the vessel supervisor will regularly announce travel information, and inform passengers about the sights and landmarks that can be seen along the way.